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Wedding Day Shoes

Spencer Special Events - Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Who does not LOVE shopping for shoes? This certainly is a topic near and dear to many girl's hearts and as you prepare your holiday outfits, this may give you some inspiration! We love seeing what our brides pick for their shoes on their wedding day.  Not all photographers like taking fancy shoe shots and might not be top on your shot list, but sometimes ladies, these babies need a shot of their own! Fancy, designer, exceptionally high heels, flats, prints, jewel encrusted, colors, and simple white, we've seen them all. What's your wedding day pick?

We think your shoes should be a fun expression of your style on your wedding day and make you feel fancy. Just make sure they are comfortable! Or if they aren't comfortable, have a plan B -- an alternative pair of shoes. A pair of flip flops or some darling flats are great ideas for later in the evening when you are dancing the night away. And I mean, really? Who doesn't LOVE buying 2 pairs of great shoes that you will wear for years to come?

So what's your wedding day shoe style? We want to know!

Photo credits: #1 Scott Hopkins Photography, #2 & #3 Landon Jacob Productions

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