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Vendor Spotlight: Cru Catering

Spencer Special Events - Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Our mouths are watering, and yours will be too after you read this blog! We are so excited to work with Cru Catering from Charleston on a fall wedding, that we had to interview and share with our friends! Catering Director Reilly Mariotti from the Cru Crew kindly gave us the scoop!

Photo Credit: Rachel Red Photography

SSE: Your food displays look like a work of art, where do you find inspiration to be innovative in your displays?

Reilly Mariotti: Our clients are truly our greatest inspiration. We want to accentuate their vision, not detract from it. We also have a very creative team and love bouncing ideas off of one another. 

Photo Credit: Gayle Brooker

SSE: What would you say the food trend is this year for events? 

RM: We've had more and more clients this year that are extremely adventurous with their flavors and menus. Unique, customized menus (with dishes that serve a significance to the bride and groom) are definitely a trend, and one that we love!

Photo Credit: Nicki Stone

SSE: If you could create a dream menu for an event what would it consist of? 

RM: That's tough being I love all types of food! Mine would be a very expansive menu consisting of French, Aisian, Italian and Mediterranean flavors. Fresh seafood and clean flavor profiles appeal to me, allowing the ingredients to shine through without masking flavors with too many components. 

Photo Credit: Gayle Brooker

SSE: Do a lot of clients know what they want for their menu selection, or is it more of a collaboration?

RM: It's definitely a bit of a collaboration. We're very fortunate that we attract clients and planners that are knowledgeable about food, and it allows us the opportunity to bring new ideas to the table. 

Photo Credit: Rachel Red Photography

SSE: Does Cru have a specialty or signature dish? 

RM: Our mac and chees is our most well-known and popular menu item (it truly is delicious!), but we are a well rounded company that loves exploring new flavor profiles and presentations. 

Photo Credit: Caitlin Colcolough

SSE: Do you have a favorite event that Cru catered for, or one that stands out from a food perspective?

RM: An event that will stay with me is a wedding we catered for two Italian trained chefs, with a complete classic Italian menu. It was a multi-course meal, and from start to finish I loved that menu. 

SSE: And lastly, is Cru Catering willing to travel? 

RM: Of course! I'm still waiting for someone to ask us to travel to Fiji. :)

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