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Insight from a darling SSE bride!

Spencer Special Events - Wednesday, June 03, 2020
We caught up with darling SSE past Bride, Lexi Circle Masur, who just celebrated her 1 year anniversary for a Brides perspective on some of the planning process. Lexi and Adam had the most perfect weekend saying their I do’s at the Sea Pines Resort. They wanted their guests to get the full Island experience and planned tennis, golf, yoga, beach games, a welcome party, brunch and of course their wedding! Their ceremony was on the croquet lawn of the Harbour Town Clubhouse and guests walked around the harbor, with champagne in hand, to the cocktail hour on the 18th lawn. The Reception was in a gorgeous sail cloth tent where guests dined and danced the night away. We know it can be difficult for Brides to decide on their vision for the weekend, and Lexi has provided some great tips for finding your vision and managing stress!


How long have you had a vision for your wedding day?

I, like most girls, have dreamt up my wedding day since I knew what a wedding was. Every aspect had been planned and cemented in my mind, and all I needed was my groom (minor detail). I envisioned an outdoor, tented celebration with close family and friends, and where everyone was relaxed and truly having the best time. Sure, the romantic string lights and neutral color palette had been established long ago, but the primary focus had always been on the vibe of the weekend. I knew that, at the end of the day, what I cared most about was the day being a genuine celebration of love--filled with people who were a part of our story, all coming together to celebrate and truly have fun. I wanted it to be a weekend to remember, not just for myself and the groom, but for everybody who showed up. 

 What was the hardest part of turning your vision of the wedding day into a reality?

 With my vision unfaltering and the thousands (truly—thousands) of Pins I had saved on Pinterest, I just knew this whole planning thing would be a walk in the park. Then reality hit, and I learned that Pinterest is a gold mine of false expectations and shattered dreams. Nowhere on the photo of a million string lights does it say the astronomical cost. Nowhere on the floating candles does it explain the impossibility of such a structure from inside a tent. And nowhere on the Japanese wish lanterns, peacefully filling the sky with light, does it alert you its the illegality and potential of catching trees on fire. I learned soon into the process that I'd have to be flexible with some of my ideas and would need the creativity and experience of my planner and vendors to help guide me. 

I also realized that not everything goes smoothly. Guests back out last minute, unpredictable weather could re-route the outdoor events, decorations surpass your budgetary limits, you name it. It's in those moments, though, that I reminded myself of what my true vision was: a weekend of love and fun. A different colored charger or indoor reception wouldn't change the experience in the slightest, and it was important to me that I stay grounded in what the day was truly about.


What was a deciding factor for where to hold all of your events since you planned as a destination wedding?

When looking for a venue, I knew right away that I needed a space that could hold the ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner, and even the accommodations, all in one spot. As a destination wedding, everyone is traveling from afar, so having a space that is easy to navigate and doesn't require transportation to get from one spot to the next is key. I looked at a variety of hotels and resorts, but ended up landing on Sea Pines Resort, because it encompassed it all. There were enough venue spaces to choose from for each event, guests could stay on premise in either the Inn or the many rental villas, and there were a slew of activities to partake in (biking, golf, swimming, etc).  I loved the idea of walking to breakfast in the morning and running into groups of friends and family, and then everyone joining together for whichever activity was next on the itinerary. It really felt like I was planning 150 people's spring vacation, and I knew I had to pick a spot that was beautiful, logistically easy, and fun. 


 Y'all threw such a fun weekend for your guests from start to finish, what were some important things you wanted  your guests remember?

I've been to a large variety of weddings, myself, and couldn't tell you what the centerpieces or bouquets looked like at any of them. I could, however, recite the brides who were stressed and overwhelmed, or the quiet music that kept guests from wanting to dance. While the decorations were fun to pick out, I knew that my priority was on making the night enjoyable for everyone, including myself! I decided to make a list of "Must Haves" and on it included an amazing, lively band, and unlimited, easy-to-get cocktails.

In addition to the reception being a blast, I knew I wanted guests to remember the entire weekend — not just those few hours from Saturday night. Considering everyone was traveling for this, I saw it as a vacation for each attendant and made it feel as stress free as possible. Bonfires, golf, yoga, tennis, bike riding, and rehearsal dinner beach games were all a part of that plan. I knew I wanted each activity to be on-site, so guests wouldn't have to worry about getting from one place to the next, and we could spend as much time as possible with everyone.

I also figured out from my previous experiences at weddings that guests go off of the mood of the bride. I told myself that, should something go awry, I wouldn't let it bother me. If you don't care, nobody else will either!!


During the planning process did you face any design dilemmas? For example stuck between color schemes, overall feel, flowers etc. If so, how did you work through it to make a decision? 

Something I never realized until I was a bride myself was the way in which you make decisions with each vendor. Obviously it makes sense looking back on it, but I never took into consideration that each vendor works separately and that design decisions would be made one at a time instead of all together. With that being said, I had chosen the flowers in one month, linens and plates/chairs in another, lighting in another, etc. I knew I liked each individual decision I had made, but I couldn't manage to envision what it would all look like when put together! Did my flowers match the chargers I had chosen? And did the purple tent lighting go with the overall theme? I imagine this to feel like it does when building a house from the ground up. You can choose the most beautiful light fixtures and countertops and backsplashes, but how do you know it'll all look good in one room together?

To help with this, I learned early on that creating a design board was key. I'm absolutely no pro when it comes to these, but I managed to copy and paste pictures from the vendors websites and from Pinterest inspiration photos so I could see each element together. I also think trusting your planner and vendors is key. If they know what your vision is, let them help guide you! They're the professionals who have "built the house from the ground up," if you will, and know what is needed to create that dream look!


During the planning process was there a time that felt more stressful than other months? If so, what would be your advice to handle the stress?

I would say a stream of stress hit me about half way through. It wasn't a certain decision that I had to make that caused it, but rather the many different aspects that required my attention. I was helping finalize details for my bachelorette party, trying to book our dream honeymoon, ensuring all of the guests we wanted were in Excel with correct addresses, choosing design features, you name it. At a certain point, it just got to be too much. I realized that I needed to create a week by week timeline for myself, and only focus on the items that were on that week's agenda at a time, rather than everything at once. I made myself hone in on the items that were time-sensitive, and only once those were checked off the list did I venture to the following week's TO DOs. As much as you want to get everything done at once, it's truly impossible, and sometimes it's important to force yourself to take an ice cream break or a walk around the neighborhood before you go into Bridezilla mode. Also, delegate!! It's something I struggle with, being the profoundly over-controlling, particular person I am. But I decided on tasks that wouldn't have to be double-checked later, and gave them to Adam! I made him his own To-Do List, ranging from "order groomsmen attire" to "format guest list in Excel" and each time he checked something off the list, I would put a star next to it in the same way kindergarten teachers do. No joke! Hey, whatever works!!

Advice to other Brides planning away?

 Find vendors that you can trust!!! Starting with a planner who understands your vision, has great communication, and is able to take on the stress for you so you can enjoy the process. (SSE was THE REASON I was able to plan a destination wedding and why it turned out so perfectly!)

You won't be able to physically be there to make each and every decision, so it's important to find a team of professionals who understand your vision and who you can trust to execute it. I'd plan on seeing the venue space at least 1-2 times prior to the event, if possible and take a TON of photos/videos while there! It gets tricky to picture each space from afar, so referencing these photos will definitely help. 

There are also some really fun ways to add personal touches to destination weddings that will make your guests feel at home. For instance, we wrote hand written welcome/thank you notes to each and every guest and left them in their hotel rooms. We also put pictures of us with our friends/family around the hotel so they could find their picture and feel like they were in our living room as opposed to a foreign space! Welcome bags are a fun place to get creative, as well, and include personal touches that will come in handy (ie: hangover packets and his/her favorite snacks)!


Highlight of the day (other than marrying Adam)?

This is the first question everyone asks us—"What was the highlight of the day?" And we learned pretty quickly that our answers were actually the same. Aside from marrying each other (because, duh), we agree that our favorite moment was sneaking away from the reception, just the two of us, and looking at it all from afar. We literally had to hide outside the tent before someone would spot us, because everyone wants to talk or dance with you, but once it was just the two of us, we could let everything sink in. The fact that we were officially married, the beauty of the tent that was somehow my very vision come-to-life, and everyone inside it, from each part of our lives—birth, middle school, college, jobs, etc—here in one place, celebrating our love. It was the most surreal moment that we wanted to let sink in and capture as a memory we'd have forever. 

Thank you Lexi for your honest insightful answers! Happy Anniversary to you and Adam!
Photo cred- Jessi Caparella Photography

2019 Year in Review!

Spencer Special Events - Friday, December 27, 2019

Another blessed year for Spencer Special Events!! We can’t thank our wonderful clients and amazing vendor friends for making 2019 such a special year and one we will never forget! As we look back on the many celebrations we have planned, we smile as the SSE family keeps growing! From the bottom of our hearts we truly are so grateful to have met clients that become family and have a team of vendor friends who turn their dreams into a reality.   Kahn-Cohen
Venue: Montage Palmetto Bluff
Photographer: Donna Von Bruening
Emily and Michael had a cozy elegant winter wedding in the Somerset Chapel. Guests were escorted to the Somerset Lawn for cocktails as letters reading “L O V E” lit the area. Green and white florals mixed with grey and black details were the perfect blend for the Ballroom design. Edison bulbs hanging over the dance floor, endless candlelight and a room filled with love left the ballroom a glowing! What a wonderful way to kick off 2019 with a fun loving couple and fun family!  

Venue: Pineland Club Plantation
Photographer: Alex Thornton Photography
What a sweet southern affair! Pineland Club Plantation was the perfect backdrop for Savannah and Jared’s soiree. The guests were transported in style by Low Country Valet and walked down an oak lined avenue to the Ceremony. The Voices of El Shaddai moved guests from the Ceremony to cocktail hour underneath a canopy of live oaks. Guests were escorted to a beautiful clear top tent for the Reception and danced the night away under the stars. Congratulations Savannah and Jared!!   

Venue: Montage Palmetto Bluff
Photographer: Donna Von Bruening
Kelly and Damien had to postpone their Fall wedding due to Hurricane Florence, but they did not let that stop them from celebrating with their loved ones at Montage Palmetto Bluff. Their playful and kind personalities shined through and they made the most of their time and planned a beautiful Spring wedding. We loved the color scheme of different shades of orange, peach, and grey tones! Kelly was passionate about cake and thrilled to finally try her Wedding cake made by the ever so talented Minette Rushing. A girl after our own heart!! Cheers to y’all!  Circle-Masur
Venue: Sea Pines Resort
Photographer: Breathe J Photography
Lexi and Adam sure know how to entertain out of town guests! From the great hospitality of the Inn at Sea Pines Resort, to beach games before Rehearsal Dinner and a Welcome Party at the Beach Club, they did not let a single detail slide. In a beautiful sail cloth tent from our dear friends at Ranco on the 18th lawn overlooking the Calibogue sound and iconic Harbour Town lighthouse, guests came together to celebrate Lexi and Adam. A black and white dance floor with Technical Event Company’s crystal chandeliers hanging above and café lights strung to the ground made the best setting for an incredible party! We loved seeing Lexi and Adams dreams come to a reality and loved working with them every step of the way!  

Hyltin- Bailes
Venue: Montage Palmetto Bluff
Photographer: Mark Cafiero  
What a lovely intimate Wedding Sterling and Ryan hosted at Montage Palmetto Bluff! From saying I do’s in the May River Chapel to an intimate dinner overlooking the River, guests were in for a treat. We loved all of the pops of color they included in their design. Since our darling Bride is a professional ballerina she surprised all of the guests with a choregraphed dance with her hubby. So special!! She was the most graceful dancer even in fun blue cowboy boots! Cheers to Sterling and Ryan! 
Venue: The Westin Resort Hilton Head
Photographer: Amy Arrington Photography
Julie and Kevin had the perfect Labor Day Weekend on Hilton Head Island! The thoughtful couple wanted their out of town guests to soak up the sun, relax and celebrate all weekend long. We loved their paper goods designed by dear friends at Studio R, a true reflection of their venue and vibe. A soft blue palate and crisp white made for a classy setting in the Westin Hilton Head Island Resort’s Grand Ocean Terrace! Julie surprised her hubby and guests by singing a song on stage, so cute and talented bride! Their contagious smiles and laughter filled the room and sure did warm our hearts!  

Venue: Montage Palmetto Bluff
Photographer: Amy Arrington Photography
This was a weekend full of Low Country Charm! Kicking off their weekend with an intimate dinner party, Bridal luncheon aboard the Grace Yacht, a Welcome Party at Moreland and bowling at Coles-guests were in for a treat! You could feel the love and warmth from all of the guests celebrating such a special and gracious couple, Juliette and Austin. After their May River chapel ceremony, guests were escorted to the May River Lawn which was filled with beautiful linen and colorful flowers. The Riverhouse Reception was the perfect mixture of classy and romantic with flowers of white, green and accents of gold.  Juliette and Austin ended their evening with an endearing surprise from the Mother of the Bride, a trip aboard the Hinkley with champagne and macarons in hand looking back at their Reception!  

Venue: Sea Pines Resort
Photographer: Amy Arrington Photography
We loved how Megan and Tosh wanted to add some hometown flair to their destination wedding at the Sea Pines Resort. What better way to ode Kentucky than horseshoe escort cards, boxwood and bourbon?! Their ceremony took place in the Heritage Room overlooking the Harbour Town Golf Links course, where A Floral Affair crafted a beautiful orchid arbor. Guests were escorted down the spiral staircase to cocktail hour on the veranda of the Harbour Town Clubhouse. The Reception in the ballroom was dressed with white and gold stylish linens, magnolia leaves, and beautiful orchid centerpieces. Congratulations Megan and Tosh!   
Venue: Long Cove Club
Photographer: Amy Arrington Photography
Kelly and Kyle did not mess around when it came to choosing the best wedding day attire! Kelly had 3 stunning different looks and Kyle had an emerald jacket with an authentic  “Cheers liner”, and of course all of their fabulous accessories! A showstopper driftwood floral tree built by A Floral Affair greeted guests as they arrived to the Ceremony. Kelly and Kyle said their vows on a custom built stage by Amazing Event Rentals framed by a horseshoe floral arbor. Inside the Clubhouse, the reception was dressed in tones of blush, deep burgundy and gold with taper candles. So romantic!  

Barton- Fitzgerald
Venue: Montage Palmetto Bluff
Photographer: Landon Jacob Photography
What a beautiful evening it was for Alex and Sean to dine alfresco on the Village Green of Montage Palmetto Bluff! Their tasteful neutral tones looked lovely on the lawn dressed up with gorgeous florals from the fab team at Em Creative Floral. They added a touch of the Low Country to their design with driftwood chargers and oyster shell place cards. After guests finished dining, The Royals band members led the guests to the Riverhouse for desserts and dancing. Alex and Sean’s gracious personalities warmed the evening and we were so happy to be part of their weekend!   

Venue: Spring Island
Photographer: Olivia Griffin Photography
Mackenzie and Mike planned a fabulous weekend for all of their out of town guests with a Low Country boil to begin the weekend, Downtown Catering food truck for wedding day lunch, and a beautiful fall Reception in the River House. They really wanted to emulate Spring Islands natural beauty into the design of their décor and bring the outdoors inside. They had beautiful neutral linen that complimented the interior of the River House and fall foliage hanging from the chandeliers. They danced the night away to a bluegrass band as rain fell on top of their clear top tent, and made the atmosphere even cozier!   

Venue: Colleton River Club
Photographer: Donna Von Bruening
Mary and Claude could not have had a prettier November weekend in Bluffton!! Friday night guests were welcomed to a Party in the Promenade underneath the stars with some of Bluffton’s best! Mary and Claude wed in the historical Church of the Cross and then guests arrived to cocktail hour at the Nicklaus Clubhouse overlooking the Colleton River. They were greeted with libations, soulful music by the Voices of El Shaddai and stunning draped chandelier structures built by our dear friends TEC. Mary and Claude were surprised by a firework exit in the most gorgeous vintage car, the perfect way to cap the evening! We adored working with sweet Mary, Claude and their families to create such a wonderful weekend and end our 2019!  
Cheers to a happy, healthy and fabulous 2 0 2 0!!    

Please Join Our Torch Relay Team!

Spencer Special Events - Tuesday, November 05, 2019

We have been so blessed to have a wonderful busy year of weddings and it has been a while since we have posted on the blog- eek! But we are thrilled and honored that our first post back is about sharing details of this years Children’s Miracle Network Torch Relay. It is so easy to get caught up in busy everyday life and lose sight of things that are truly important. This Sunday, November 10th is a day to stop from your hectic schedule to grab your near and dear and to take the time to reflect on things we are thankful for-  as we gather with our local community and supporting a more than worthy event!  

Spencer Special Events/Team Harlow walks in memory and honor of their precious baby niece Harlow Spencer, who passed away from heart complications at just two weeks old. Harlow would have gone to a CMN hospital but sadly passed before they were able to transfer her. Harlow's short time on this earth will always be remembered and we are so touched and humbled to walk in her sweet name. 

The donations received help support Children's Miracle Networks mission to save and improve the lives of as many children as possible. The proceeds from this event will go to the MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital in Charleston. No better way to kick off the season of giving than supporting CMN by donating to Spencer Special Events/Team Harlow.  

If you are local to the area we would love to have you join our team at this years event! It is definitely one you will not want to miss!

Sunday November 10th 
Marriott's Surfwatch (10 Surfwatch Way, Hilton Head)
Registration Opens at 2:00 pm / Walk/Run Starts at 3:00 pm
After Party: 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Let's help the Hilton Head Torch Relay surpass the 2019 goal of $75,000!

Thank you so much for your generous support.  

With Love, The Spencer Family!

2018 Year in Review

Spencer Special Events - Wednesday, January 02, 2019

It’s time for our favorite blog of the year, a recap of all of the fabulous Weddings from 2018!! What an amazing year 2018 has been with the most gracious clients and incredible team of vendor friends!! We can’t thank everyone enough for providing us with so much bliss through out our year! Thank you for being part of our SSE Family!

Jen & Cole

Venue: Montage Palmetto Bluff

Photography by: Carrie Elizabeth Photo

Jen and Cole kicked off the start of the year with an intimate family affair. They exchanged their vows in the charming May River Chapel and then had coffee refreshments on the lawn served fresh by Corner Perk. We loved that Jen and Cole shared a dance under the Oaks along the May River! Jen and Cole exchanged the most heartfelt vows and exchanged the sweetest looks of love throughout their celebration.

Hilary & Andy

Venue: Palmetto Dunes

Hopkins Photography

Not only did Hilary and Andy have a beautiful tented reception on the Arthur Hills Driving Range, but Annie had the of privilege of being the Maid of Honor! SO fun!!  Hilary designed all of her paper goods (love!!) and used her family's silver for the centerpieces. Since Hilary and Andy are both locals most of their guests knew each other, which made for a packed dance floor and a wonderful evening of fun!

Karen & Pete

John Wollwerth Photography

Fripp Island

SSE went on the road this Spring to a hidden gem, Fripp Island. We had so much fun exploring the Island and working with Karen and Pete to plan a fun activity filled weekend for their guests. Karen had every detail covered with the most precious beach décor. Karen and Pete’s happiness was contagious!

Margaret & Alden

Venue: Montage Palmetto Bluff

Virgil Photography

What a wonderful weekend Margaret and Alden planned for their guests at the Montage Palmetto Bluff. They said their I do’s in the charming May River Chapel with the prettiest greenery accents hanging above. We loved their Reception with the gold details, natural wood tables and the show stopping hanging floral install by our dear friends from EmCreative floral.

Caroline & Matt

Landon Jacob Photography

Sea Pines Resort

Pops of French blue and rattan soft seating made for a chic preppy affair on the 18th Lawn of Harbour Town Golf Links. Caroline and Matt had the prettiest Sperry Tent with beautiful floral details. The Voices of El Shaddai surprised the guests with their powerful voices and it sure was an Oh Happy Day!!

Sara & Matt

Carrie Friesen Photography

Venue: Sea Pines Resort

Sara and Matt said their vows on the beach and their wedding party held puppies instead of flowers, yes puppies!! With their love of animals, and Sarah being a Vet it was only fitting that they included their 4 legged friends. The puppies were from Jasper Animal Rescue Shelter and we love that they included this act of kindness. Guests moved inside to the Atlantic room which was full of blush and gold décor and danced the night away!

Amanda & Will

Be Light Photography

Venue: Montage Palmetto Bluff

Amanda’s dress= absolute perfection!! Amanda and Will planned the sweetest Ceremony with their Pastor marrying them and a Groomsmen leading a beautiful hymn. We loved hearing sweet toasts of the couple, they were true testaments of how wonderful Amanda and Will are and their infectious love for each other. You could feel all of the guests love for Amanda and Will as they celebrated the couple with excellent food and fabulous dance moves! We absolutely adore you and your families!!

Pam & Jim

Carrie Friesen Photography

Venue: Private Residence

Talk about an absolutely stunning Low Country setting! We can’t get enough of this intimate celebration and beautiful table settings complete with a gorgeous custom monogram designed by Emily McCarthy that was a gift to the groom from his thoughtful bride. We also loved partnering with FARM to create a delectable menu for the family to experience.

Haley & Ryan

Ivan and Louise Photography

Venue: Sea Pines Resort

Haley and Ryan held their Ceremony at the iconic Liberty Oak tree, one of the Groom’s favorite places and the Groom’s parents even surprised the darling couple with a live painter of the Ceremony! Harbour Town Clubhouse was transformed into an enchanting romantic evening with hues of pink, burgundy and candlelight, straight out of a fairytale!

Grand Opening of Timbers Resort

Donna Von Bruening Photography

Kiawah Island

We had the true honor and privilege to plan the Grand Opening of one of Timbers Resorts newest  properties, Timbers Kiawah on Kiawah Island. Timbers Kiawah is a stunning beachfront property with the most loveliest blue tone interiors designed by the ever so talented J Banks Design Group. We had so much fun making the Grand Opening a family affair and playing with all of beach chic design. We know everyone that steps foot on Timbers Kiawah will be amazed by the beauty and impeccable service.

Alex & Jason

Venue: Sea Pines Country Club

Hopkins Studios

Alex and Jason had a perfect clear November day to say I do on the 18th Fairway of Sea Pines Country Club. Alex was in a stunning designer gown and we loved the rich fall colors. A Floral Affair created beautiful florals and integrated unique fruit into their designs. Guests danced the night away under a canopy of lights. We loved helping plan the weekend events with Alex, Jason and their entire family!

Hayley & Ethan

Venue: Colleton River Plantation

Landon Jacob Photography

It was winter wonderland for SSE!! We loved transforming the Nicklaus Clubhouse with elegant draping, rich navy accents, and greenery hanging from the chandeliers. Hayley and Ethan looked fabulous in their formal attire and we could not have had a prettier evening! Hayley and Ethan had every detail covered including hand painted ghost chairs for cocktail hour, light up tambourines and shakers to kick off the dance party and the tastiest Alljoy donuts at the end of the night!

Emily & AJ

Sea Pines Resort

Caroline Ro Photography

Sneaking in the last day of 2018, was Emily and AJ’s fun New Years Eve soiree! Guests dined and danced overlooking the Ocean at Sea Pines Resort Beach Club. The room was filled with glitz, glam and love as they toasted the New Year with an after party at Ocean’s Lounge. What a way to end the year and begin 2019! Congratulations Emily and AJ!!

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2 0 1 9 !

Lots of love and Cheers, SSE

Cheers! It's Cocktail Hour!

Spencer Special Events - Monday, July 30, 2018

While the ceremony and the reception are the two wedding events that most guests are excited for, there is an hour tucked between the pair of main events that should not be over looked. Cocktail hour! Cocktail hour is the perfect time to show your personality and get your loved ones excited for the celebration that will follow.

The ladies of Spencer Special Events encourage the use of a fun linen for cocktail hour! The linen can definitely be different than the formal linen used for the reception. We love to use exciting colors and patterns, while mixing and matching linens between high and low cocktail tables. 

Lounge furniture can dress up a cocktail hour space. Sofas and cushioned chairs create a comfortable yet unique place for guests to gather while sipping on their cocktails. Depending on the venue, the cocktail hour space is typically open during the reception so the lounge furniture can be put to use throughout the evening. 

Music for cocktail hour varies for every wedding and is up to your personal preference. There are many options such as a string trio, a few members from your reception band, or a prerecorded playlist played through a speaker system. One of our favorites is a local Gullah gospel choir - they always get the party started and guests love the southern detail!

It is no surprise that guests are looking for a drink when arriving to cocktail hour. Add your special touch by creating signature drink for your wedding! We love to use creative signage to explain your favorite drink to your friends and family. Cocktail hour is also a great time to incorporate custom napkins with the couple's new last name or monogram. 

Cocktail hour is the perfect time to display escort cards so guests know where to be seated when entering the reception. Table assignments can be displayed on a single sign or individual cards. Escort cards are another way to integrate creative florals during cocktail hour. We have highlighted escort cards in a previous blog post you can find here!

To hold your guests over until dinner, hors d'oeuvres are served throughout cocktail hour. These small bites can be butler passed or displayed. When selecting hors d'oeuvres we suggest considering choosing a variety of foods that are easy to eat in one bite adn that are not too messy. This is another moment to add details of the Lowcountry by using local seafood and other snacks special to the area. 

Cocktail hour gives guests time to socialize and get the party started prior to the reception. This part of the evening is completely unique and helps to further showcase the personality of the newly married couple. Have fun with your cocktail hour design! Cheers!!

Azazie: Your New Favorite Online Dress Shop

Spencer Special Events - Monday, June 18, 2018

The price tag of wedding related items can quickly add up, but the dresses for your wedding weekend should not be a cost to stress over.  The ladies at Spencer Special Events love the online dress store Azazie and we can’t wait to tell you all about it! While Azazie mainly consists of bridesmaid dresses, the site also features mother of the bride dresses, men’s and women’s accessories, and even wedding gowns for brides. All of the wedding day items are affordable and on trend! We have included pictures from our past weddings with bridesmaids dresses that are similar to the ones on Azazie!

Once you start exploring Azazie you can begin to add items that catch your eye to your virtual “showroom”. The private showroom will collect all of the dresses and accessories that you “like” on the website. You can share your showroom with your bridal party so everyone can collaborate and find styles that fit their personalities but also fit your overall wedding vision.  Azazie offers custom fitting on any dress so this eliminates the cost of getting a dress tailored at home. Once everyone has selected their dresses all you have to do is send in your personal measurements and the lovely staff at Azazie will tailor your dress for you!

One of the best parts of this online store is that everything can be done from the comfort of your own home. The online special occasion store has an “Inspiration” section to help future brides and their bridesmaids visualize what styles and colors may work for them. One of SSE’s favorite parts of the website is that they feature real weddings and images from customers social media. This allows potential buyers to really see what the pieces from Azazie look like in an actual wedding day setting.

Another amazing feature is that you can order fabric swatches from Azazie to make sure that the color you are advising your bridesmaids to order truly is what you want for your dream wedding. Along with the ability to order swatches, customers can order sample dresses to be delivered to their homes to try on. Not all styles work for every bride and bridesmaid, so being able to try on the dress styles before committing to an order is super helpful for everyone in your bridal party!

We love the concept of Azazie for all of your bridal party needs! The online store sells bridesmaids dresses, mother of the bride dresses, bridal gowns, and women’s and men’s accessories that work perfectly for any special occasion. With over 60 colors and over 150 styles, you are certain to find dresses that you and your bridal party will love for your perfect wedding day!

Kristen Griffin & Ben Alexander

Spencer Special Events - Saturday, April 07, 2018

Since Hilton Head Island’s own Holiday is coming up, The RBC Heritage Golf Tournament, we wanted to share this fabulous wedding that took place at the Sea Pines Resort! 

Between a bridal luncheon, parties, golfing, and fishing Kristen and Ben sure know how to entertain! They officially kicked off the weekend with an intimate welcome celebration for the Bridal Party and Family at the Harbour Town Yacht Club. The next day they had a wonderful Rehearsal Dinner at the Plantation Club and then finished the evening welcoming all of their guests with desserts and cocktails at the Inn at Harbour Town.

Kristen and Ben were blessed with a clear perfect day to say I do on the 18th Lawn. Beautiful wooden planters filled with green and white flowers lined the ceremony chairs and created the perfect aisle. After the ceremony, guests enjoyed cocktail hour overlooking the iconic lighthouse. Sea Pines created a marvelous hors d'oeuvres spread featuring fresh shrimp and local oysters in beautiful carved ice trays. Guests were able to take a piece of the Low Country home with them as they found their seats by hand lettered gold oyster shells.

 As everyone was enjoying the view of Harbour Town and sipping cocktails, the powerful sound of bagpipers grew in the distance. In true Heritage fashion, the Bagpipers escorted guests around the harbor to the Reception. It was the perfect surprise!

 The tables in the Harbour Town Clubhouse were dressed in shades of green with white flowers to create a classy elegant vibe. Everyone danced the night away and showered the newly weds in confetti. The night was still young as guests headed over to the Inn to enjoy live music and late night snacks! The next morning guests enjoyed a farewell brunch at the Inn before starting their journey home. 

Kristen and Ben highlighted Sea Pines and the Low Country perfectly during their wedding weekend!

 We can’t wait to be in Sea Pines this week and cheers to 50 years!

Happy Heritage y’all!!

2017 in Rewind

Spencer Special Events - Friday, December 22, 2017

Hard to believe 2017 is coming to a wrap?! Another amazing year and another year of growing the SSE Family. We are so blessed to work with loving couples, wonderful families and amazing vendors that become part of the SSE family. We can’t thank y’all enough for providing our year with so much JOY!

Kylie and Drew
Venue: Old Wide Awake Plantation, Charleston

Sweet Kylie and Drew were set to have their Vow Renewal Oct. 2016, but Hurricane Matthew had different plans. They did not let the change in venue or season ruin their celebration! They turned their day into a lovely spring affair and even passed Hurricane cocktails! 

Photography: Ashley Seawell Photography

Kathryn and Mark
Venue: Montage Palmetto Bluff, Bluffton

Kathryn and Mark had every single detail down to a sweet southern “T”. A Sail Cloth tent overlooking the May River made for a stunning backdrop. We loved working with their blush and copper tones to design an intimate setting. They created a memorable and thoughtful celebration and ended the night with a confetti blast!

Photography: Jennings King Photography

Amy and Taylor
Venue: The Westin Resort, Hilton Head Island

Amy and Taylor’s playful personalities made for such a fun weekend! Since they are High School sweethearts it was such a pleasure to see their friends and family come together to rejoice in their love for one another. Amy and Taylor’s guests were able to enjoy the weekend festivities as well as spend some time relaxing on the beach!

Photography: Captured by Mari 

Katie and Matt
Venue: Port Royal Clubhouse, Hilton Head Island

Katie and Matt’s wedding was full of energy. We loved that they tied in their home of New Orleans with a traditional second line led by the brass section of their band. Everyone paraded into the transformed Clubhouse and never left the dance floor!  Ivory’s, gold and a touch of blush made for such beautiful décor.

Photography: Ashley Seawell Photography

The Westin Grand Ocean Terrace Gala and Unveiling

Venue: Grand Ocean Terrace, The Westin Resort Hilton Head

We had the privilege and honor to plan the unveiling of the Westin Hilton Head Island new premier event venue, The Grand Ocean Terrace. The Terrace is beautifully designed to showcase the low country and highlight unobstructed views of the Atlantic Ocean. We loved watching the excitement as special guests entered the venue for the first time. We can’t wait to plan fabulous events in this lowcountry chic space!

Photography: Savannah Wedding Photo

Colleen and Doug
Venue: The Omni Resort, Hilton Head Island

The Shorehouse at the Omni Resort is a wonderful beachfront venue, which was the perfect place for Colleen and Doug’s summer wedding. Their guests had the delight of watching the sunset over the beach while listening to the surprise performance of the Voices of El Shaddai. Colleen and Doug never stopped smiling throughout the evening!  Oh, Happy Day!!

Photography: Donna Von Bruening Photography

The Reuben Family
Venue: Hampton Hall, Bluffton

What an amazing Bar Mitzvah! Jared’s love of roller coasters became the theme of the celebration! He handmade intricate roller coaster centerpieces (that actually moved, flipped and turned!!) They had numerous activities for guests to indulge in, including riding a roller coaster simulator!  The sweets table was off the tracks, offering every candy you could think of, pies, cakes, and ice cream oh my.  

Photography: Landon Jacob Photography

Kayla and Garrett
Venue: Montage Palmetto Bluff, Bluffton

What a vision Kayla and Garrett had for their guests during their wedding weekend. They kicked off the festivities with a food truck and projected a live MLB game, boarded the Vagabond for a cruise to have lunch at Skull Creek Boathouse, and had a wedding eve celebration at Morelands. We loved how the Colorado residents integrated their love of the outdoors, home and baseball into their big day! 

Photography: Hopkins Studios

Lisa and Ryan

Venue: Colleton River Plantation, Bluffton

The view from the Pete Dye Clubhouse does not get much better! Lisa and Ryan took full advantage of the gorgeous grounds! They had their ceremony in front of an oak tree and cocktail hour on the veranda to view the Colleton River. After guests finished dinner, they were escorted down to a lounge and dance tent. Since most of the ladies were former members of the Duke dance team, you bet the dance floor was packed!

Photography: Donna Von Bruening Photography

Lea and Max

Venue: The Sea Pines Resort, Hilton Head

Lea and Max exchanged their vows under the iconic Liberty Oak tree with the Harbour Town Lighthouse in the distance. We loved that Lea’s Mom (sweet Miss Betsy) performed the ceremony it was so personal and special. Guests enjoyed cocktail hour from the rooftop terrace at the Sea Pines beach club and then were led into the Atlantic room for an intimate contemporary reception. Cute Lea and Max made sure their guests had a magnificent evening.

Photography: Donna Von Bruening Photography

Katie and Michael
Venue: The Sea Pines Resort, Hilton Head

Last but certainly not least, the fabulous wedding of Katie and Michael! This November wedding was full of rich fall shades and textures. Katie and Michael had a beautiful day to say I do on the 18th Lawn of Harbour Town. After a jazzy cocktail hour underneath café lights, guests found their table assignments on oyster shells hung from an amazing driftwood tree handcrafted by our dear friends from A Floral Affair. Guests showed their love and dedication by baking thousands of cookies for this Pittsburgh couple! 

Photography: Landon Jacob Photography

We have truly been touched by each and everyone one of you this year and wish everyone a happy and bright 2018! Cheers!!

The Children's Miracle Network Torch Relay

Spencer Special Events - Wednesday, October 25, 2017

It's that wonderful time of year again. The Children's Miracle Network Torch Relay is upon us!! Every year we look forward to being part of an event that gives back to the community and helps bring some light into the World. We are so excited for an even bigger and better event at the Marriott Vacation Club, SurfWatch Resort! 

The Torch Relay 5k will take place on Friday November 3rd with registration beginning at 4:30pm and the relay starting at 5:30pm. After the 5k run/walk Marriott's SurfWatch will host a fireside party with great food, fun activities for the kiddos, live music and a beer garden! 

Last year the Spencer Family walked in memory and honor of their precious baby niece Harlow Spencer, who passed away from heart complications at just two weeks old. Harlow would have gone to a CMN hospital but sadly passed before they were able to transfer her. Harlow's short time on this earth will always be remembered and we are so touched and humbled to walk in her sweet name. 

The donations received help support Children's Miracle Networks mission to save and improve the lives of as many children as possible. No better way to kick off the season of giving than supporting CMN by donating to Team Harlow (Torch Relay Donation Page). Let's help Marriott SurfWatch surpass their awesome goal of $50,000! 

Please Be Seated: Your Guide to Escort Card Displays

Spencer Special Events - Monday, October 16, 2017

One of the details that makes your wedding day go flawlessly is escort cards! Escort cards help guests know what table they are sitting at during the reception. The best part of escort cards is all of the exciting ways that you can design them to extend your wedding vision. These little cards guarantee organization for table assignments and are an extra way to add personalized detail into your cocktail hour and reception. 

Escort cards seamlessly help guide your guests to their table! Beautiful calligraphy is the perfect way to keep escort cards classic and simple. Use ribbon to tie your escort cards to any backdrop or floral arrangement you can dream up!

Decorative escort cards can add more detail to your reception tables! We love using low country themed items to further enhance your table decor such as engraved oyster shells, starfish, and delicate flowers. 

We love the option of having an escort display where table assignments will be posted together rather than on individual cards. This is another elegant way to invite your guests to sit at a specified table. Assignments can be listed alphabetically or by table number!

Escort cards alleviate stress during your cocktail hour and reception for your friends and family trying to find where to go next during your wedding day festivities. Displays, whether listed together or on individual cards, are a lovely addition to your cocktail hour decor. Highlight beautiful calligraphy and stunning florals to help guide your guests to their seats for the night and add another memorable detail to your wedding!