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Caring for your ring!

Spencer Special Events - Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Did you get engaged over the holidays? Can you not stop staring at your shiny new ring? In any case, this post is for you. Today we are talking about rings! At Spencer Special Events, we've had the opportunity to see some real sparklers and true gems. And we love hearing the stories about how your future hubby popped the question (we get goose bumps every time!) and checking out the new sparkle. With such a valuable investment, how do you properly care for these beauties? Here are some tips and recommendations passed down from generation to generation.

Caring for your wedding ring doesn't have to be hard or expensive. To make sure your ring is as sparkly as the day you got it, try the following:

  1. 1. Avoid putting lotions/creams on with your ring. Take it off before you put suntan lotion on, or body lotion. We've also heard the recommendation to take your ring off when handling red meat. (There's an oxidation process that occurs that doesn't lend well to sparkling rings!)
  2. 2. Use toothpaste and a soft tooth brush when cleaners are not available.
  3. 3. Place your ring in a small bowl with equal parts of dish soap and rubbing alcohol. Allow to sit for 20-30 minutes, then wash clean.
  4. 4. Jewelers often carry their own line of cleaners, so make sure you pick-up a bottle to have on hand!

Most jewelry stores and designers offer free cleanings to customers who purchase engagement rings and wedding bands from them.They use a process of soaking in cleaners and steaming and truly provide the best results. Take advantage of these free cleanings - you will love the way your ring looks!

While it's amazing to have your ring sparkle, it's even more important to make sure your diamonds and gems are secure. Make sure you have your prongs checked at least every six months by a reputable jeweler. Especially if you are particularly active, moving, or if you happen to knock your hand into something. A jeweler can ensure that the ring prongs are secure, so stones don't fall out!

Make sure to insure your ring with your home owners insurance (or renters insurance.) Get your rings appraised at your jeweler and call your insurance company to add the value. You may be asked to provide photos and will be asked to submit the appraisal. While it would be terrible to loose your rings, it would be even worse to loose them and have to buy them again! Getting insurance on your rings will be good peace of mind.

These ring beauties were from two of our brides this Fall 2013 and photographed by the uber talented Landon Jacob Productions. Did we miss any tips? Share them here or on our Facebook page!

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