Divine Details

Real Wedding: Deanna and Dom

Spencer Special Events - Monday, August 22, 2016

It is such a special touch when a couple wants to make an impact on others on their wedding day; and finds a way to help an organization they are so passionate about! We are proud to share Deanna and Dominic on the blog today as they donated to help rescue dogs in lieu of wedding favors. These precious dogs were on display as their table numbers for guests to see their mission and cuteness!

Along with being selfless, they both had contagious smiles throughout the entire day. JOY! Deanna looked absolutely stunning in her lace gown, and how about that cascading bouquet? Pastels with an accent of gold, candlelight, and Colleton River as a backdrop made for the perfectly soft romantic garden wedding last fall. 

Photo Credit: Landon Jacob Photography

Real Wedding: Lizzie and Nick

Spencer Special Events - Thursday, August 18, 2016

Oh my goodness!! This couple beams with love, we could browse at these gorgeous photos all day! Not only are they a beautiful couple (inside and out), but they were so much fun, kind and gracious to work with. Lizzie and Nick certainly integrated their families during their special day and you could certainly feel the love. We specifically admired the close special relationship of the Bride, Lizzie and her sweet Mother, Mrs. Lewis, we had such a pleasure dreaming up all of the details and working with them on a magical wedding weekend. See what the ladies have to say when reflecting back on the planning process. 

Was there a special mother-daughter moment during the planning stages? 

Lizzie Devine (Bride): Honestly, the whole planning process was a bonding experience for us both. We were constantly emailing, texting sending photos, and calling each other with new updates or ideas. Also, when I was getting worn down, she was able to pick me up and vice versa. I'd say my most favorite time during the planning with my mom was during my dress fittings - she was with me during every one and it was a special time for us both!

Cindy Lewis (MOB): The most special moment was our first visit to look for wedding dresses in Charleston. When Lizzie put on her first dress, I cried and knew my little girl was getting married. She looked so beautiful. 

Did you wear any special items of your Moms or family in your wedding wardrobe? 

LD: I wore an aqua marine diamond ring that was my grandmothers. My mom redid the ring for me years ago and it's always been a special piece that reminds me of her. My ring bearer's pillow was made from one of my grandma's old doilies. And this isn't technically from a wedding wardrobe, but I had gardenias in my bouquet - it's what my mom mostly had in hers!

Where did you find your vision and inspiration for decor and details of the wedding? 

LD: Most of my inspiration came from magazines or Pinterest pictures I found that I was drawn to. I knew I wanted a lace dress, lots of gold details, and candles - the rest was filled in throughout the process. Another thing that helped me focus in on the " theme" was when Amanda asked me to describe my perfect wedding in 3 words. My 3 words were elegant, magical, and romantic. I think we did a pretty good job. 

CL: Lizzie knew what she wanted - romantic and magical. Through pinterest, she was able to communicate to Amanda what she wanted to achieve. Amanda and her crew did a "magical" job creating just that. 

Would you say you guys have similar styles?

LD: Yes I'd say we do. Mom knows my style - spot on. She is the one who still sends me my favorite clothes. My mom helped to guide the wedding into the style she knew I had envisioned. 

CL: I think if I was getting married today, my dream wedding would be Lizzie's. It was magical and romantic surrounded by wonderful friends and family. 

Did you have a favorite moment from the day? 

LD: Yes - saying my vows to Nick! That's what it was really all about. And that feeling right after the wedding when we could take a deep breath, realize I just married the man of my dreams, and that I had everyone I loved surrounding us and ready to help us celebrate. 

CL: My favorite moment was when Lizzie, her Dad and I were driving over to the ceremony and Lizzie said she was hungry. I think she was just nervous but we ordered french fries for all of the bridesmaids and they were gone in a minute. 

Any advice for future Brides and Mother of the Brides?

LD: Start planning early! I think this helped ease a lot of stressors early on. Definitely pick a theme of colors and how you want the wedding to feel in order to set the tone for the rest of your planning. Lastly - have fun with it. It can be a fun experience if you let it be!

CL: My advice would be to hire Amanda and her team! They are the ones that helped make Lizzie's dream wedding a reality. Her attention to detail made the weekend run so smoothly. It was a dream come true. 

photo credit: Landon Jacob